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    Client Questionnaire

    This questionnaire was created as a means of getting to know the client. We here at Elegance 2 A “T” would like to ensure that our clients receive the best service. This is a pre-introduction before our consultation is held. Please answer the following questions to prepare for our meeting.




    Address (of project)

    Tips on getting prepared for Elegance

    Gather inspirational photos of desired looks you'd like to achieve in your space. Best search engines: magazines, on-line.

    1. What room and/or area would you like to transform?

    2. What do you love the most in the current space?

    3. What colors do you love?

    4. What colors do you dislike?

    5. Is there something special that sparks your interests or a look that has caught your eye as far as a color inspiration (e.g., favorite pair of shoes, favorite painting/picture, favorite piece of clothing)?

    6. Do you have a favorite look (e.g., modern, contemporary, rustic) or prefered style (e.g., minimalist, industrial, eclectic, coastal/nautical, Hollywood Glam, traditional)?

    7. How do you make use of the current room? Does it have multiple funcions (e.g., yoga/office, guest room/prayer room)?

    8. Do you have any pets? If so, what kind?

    9. What type of floor (e.g., carpet, tile, hardwood) and/or floor dressing (e.g., throw rugs) are you interested in?

    10. Are there any special accommodations that we need to consider (e.g., seating for individuals with special needs and/or disabilities, wheelchair accessibility, special seating, allergy issues)? If so, please explain.

    11. What is your budget?

    12. Do you want to incorporate the complete design all at once or do you want to break it down into stages? For example, a typical bedroom transformation may include the purchase of a bed, two side tables, dresser, foot bench, area rug, television, lamps, wall art, and accessories. Stage 1: bed, two side tables, and dresser. Stage 2: foot bench, area rug, television, and lamps. Stage 3: wall art and accessories.

    13. Will your space need any renovations that will need the assistance of a contractor?

    14. List the alterations that you want to focus on by level of importance (e.g., window treatment, paint changes, curtain rods, light fixtures?